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奇異果 — 性寒,有清熱生津、健脾、利尿作用,有助紓緩無胃口、消化不良、欲吐、痔瘡等症狀。注意女士脾胃虛寒容易腹瀉、有寒性痛經不宜多服。

士多啤梨 — 性寒,具消暑解熱、生津止渴、利咽潤肺及健脾胃功效。士多啤梨同時含有大量果膠及纖維,亦有暢便功效。但注意脾胃虛寒者勿吃。

番石榴 — 又名芭樂,性熱,具止瀉止痢功效,尤其適合容易反覆腹瀉、風寒濕痛者、高血壓及胃酸過多者食用;有收斂止瀉功效,便秘者不宜進食。由於性熱,多吃容易上火。

車厘子 — 又名櫻桃,性熱,具益氣健脾、祛風濕的功效,適合氣血虛弱、消化不良人士食用,但由於屬性溫熱,食用份量不宜過多,糖尿病患者不宜。

木瓜 — 性平,能健脾胃、幫助消化、消暑解渴,適合脾胃虛弱、容易胃脹不適人士服用,有助紓緩食慾下降、消化不良、胃部不適、產婦乳汁不多等症狀。注意孕婦不宜食用。

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Five fruits to clear summer-heat and brighten complexion
During summer, the yang energy is exceptionally strong, and many people tend to focus on clearing the summer-heat and sun protection measures during this season.

Besides wearing sun protective clothing and putting on sunscreen, we can also eat ingredients that can help restore the radiance of our complexion. Consume foods that are high in vitamin C such as kiwi, strawberry, guava, cherry, and papaya to prevent dark spots from forming and reduce melanin.

Once we have the fresh fruits sliced, it is best to consume them as soon as possible, as the vitamin C oxidizes when exposed to air, losing its health benefits.

Kiwis – cold in nature and can clear heat and promote fluid production, strengthen the spleen, and promote diuresis. It alleviates lack of appetite, indigestion, nausea, and hemorrhoids. Note that it is not suitable for ladies with asthenic spleen and stomach, prone to diarrhea and has cold type menstrual pain.

Strawberry – cold in nature, can relieve summer heat, promote diuresis and relieve thirst, relieve sore throat and moisten the lungs, as well as strengthen the spleen and stomach. Strawberries are also high in fibre and pectin and can help to relieve constipation. Note that those with asthenic cold spleen and stomach should avoid strawberries.

Guava – hot in nature, can help to relieve diarrhea, so it is suitable for those with chronic diarrhea, chronic pain due to cold wind and dampness, high blood pressure, and gastric hyperacidity. It is not suitable for those with constipation. Due to its hot nature, over-consumption can lead to excessive heat in the body.

Cherry – hot in nature, and can strengthen qi and stomach, dispel wind dampness. They are suitable for those with asthenic qi and blood, and those with indigestion. As they are warm in nature, avoid having too much and it is not suitable for those with diabetes.

Papaya – mild in nature, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, improve digestion and quench one’s thirst; is suitable for individuals with a weak spleen and stomach, and those who experience bloating. It can improve a person’s appetite, relieve indigestion and promote lactation. Pregnant women should avoid eating papaya.

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