September 10, 2019



– 早上起床後連環狂打多個噴嚏
– 空氣質素較差、聞到香水或油煙味時也會打噴嚏
– 經常鼻塞,很多時更是塞一邊鼻孔
– 睡覺時要用口呼吸,久而久之就養成了張開口睡覺的習慣
– 鼻敏感發作時只吃到食物鹹甜與否,因聞不到香味就如食之無味
– 鼻翼旁皮膚總是因擦鼻子而泛紅脫皮
– 每天總要隨身帶著幾包紙巾,以防鼻水突然流下
鼻敏感之苦,相信患者們都非常明白。鼻敏感,中醫又稱為「鼻鼽」,這類人多為本身肺氣較弱,或為氣虛體質,遇著夏秋轉季時分,氣溫變化大,加上秋燥會削弱肺氣,未可固攝津液,會出現不停流鼻水,同時痰亦較多,鼻涕及痰色清稀,也有多汗及自汗的情況,同時伴隨有鼻癢、鼻塞、氣弱乏力 等,受冷、吹風後也較常人容易患上感冒。除了在食療及藥療上著手外,日常生活也有不少要點可以注意,將鼻敏感發作的機會大大降低。


– 床單要定期清洗更換,床上也盡量別擺放毛公仔。
– 長備一件薄外套或披肩在手袋,以免受風寒。
– 不宜進行高溫瑜伽等流汗耗氣的運動。
– 一日一杯米水健脾改善體質

Two ways to improve nasal allergy
For those with nasal allergy, are these things happening to you all the time? 

– Waking up in the morning and sneeze multiple times
– Sneezing when the air quality is poor, smell perfume or cooking odors
– Having frequent nasal congestion, it is always stuffed on one side of the nostrils
– Need to use your mouth to breathe when you sleep, and become a habit after a long time.
– When suffering nasal allergy, you can only taste salty and sweet food, and it seems tasteless because you cannot smell.
– The skin around the nose is always red and peeling due you rubbing your nose
– Always carry a few packs of tissues every day in case of sudden runny nose.

The pain of nasal allergy is very clear. It is also known as ‘allergic rhinitis’ in Chinese medicine. Most of these people have weak lung qi or qi deficiency body condition. During the transition between summer and autumn, the temperature changes greatly, and the autumn dryness will weaken the lung qi and your body cannot keep the body fluid causing non-stop nasal flow, more sputum at the same time. The nasal mucus and sputum are thin, coupled with excessive sweating and unexplained sweating, accompanied by nasal itching, nasal congestion, asthenic qi and fatigue. Those with cold and are blown by wind may catch a cold and flu. In addition to starting with diets and medications, improve your lifestyle habits to reduce the chance to nasal allergy. 

Step 1: simple tea remedy to stop the sickness invasion!
Ingredients: 10g astragalus root, 6g root of Fangfeng, 6g bighead atractylodes rhizome, 10g poria
Preparation: rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Combine all ingredients with 1000ml of water and cook on high heat for 30 minutes. Pour all contents into a thermos and tea can re-brewed until flavour weakens. 
Effects: strengthens spleen and nourishes qi, nourishes lung and prevents wind, reduces sweating. For best results, drink for 2-3 days a week for a treatment.

Step 2: change your diet and daily habits to prevent nasal allergy!
– Cold drinks will hurt the lungs, it is very important to eat less cold/raw food.
– Bed linen should be cleaned and replaced regularly, and do not place stuffed toys on the bed.
– Keep a thin coat or shawl in your handbag to protect yourself from the cold.
– It is not recommended to do exercises that consume sweat and qi such as hot yoga.
– Have a rice water daily to strengthen spleen and improve your body condition.

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