January 14, 2019




– 進食易於消化、清淡而富營養的食物,如白粥、蒸肉餅及清菜等
– 多喝溫水及米水,也可適量飲用檸檬水
– 不能進補,避免進食雞、人參、黨參等溫補食物
– 避免進食生冷食物
– 避免進食煎炸、油膩、加工食物等重口味食物
– 風寒感冒者不宜進食橙、香蕉、梨、馬蹄、海產等寒涼食物
– 風熱感冒者不宜進食桃、生薑、紅棗等性熱上火食物
– 風濕感冒者不宜進食雪耳、牛奶、花膠等滋膩食物

– 多休息,注意保暖,但也不宜穿過厚的衣服以致出汗
– 室內保持空氣流通,但身體不可直接吹風
– 身體出汗後應及時更換乾爽衣物

Take care of your body when you have a flu
During this flu season, if you find yourself with a fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, fatigue, headache, muscle ache, vomiting or diarrhea, you should see a doctor immediately. If you catch the influenza, you should quarantine yourself, avoid school and work, stay home and rest until you are better to avoid spreading the flu. When you have the flu, it is important to rest and eat properly. Some people may make chicken soup or tonic soup for those who are sick, but this will achieve the opposite result. Keep a light diet, keep warm appropriately, ensure air is circulating when indoors to help with recovery from influenza.
Influenza care from diet perspective:
– eat things that are nutritious yet easy to digest such as plain congee, steamed pork cake and vegetables.
– Drink warm water and rice water frequently. You can also try lemon water.
– Avoid tonic food, avoid chicken, ginseng, codonopsis root type of warm tonic ingredients.
– Avoid cold and raw foods
– Avoid oily and fried food, or things with additives and heavy flavoured
– Those with cold-wind type of flu should avoid oranges, bananas, pears, water chestnuts, and seafood that are cold in nature.
– Those with hot-wind type of flu should avoid hot natured food such as peach, ginger, Chinese dates
– Those with damp-wind tpe of flu should avoid fatty ingredients such as snow fungus, milk, and fish maw.
Influenza care from lifestyle perspective:
– Rest and keep warm, but don’t wear so many layers that you begin to sweat
– Ensure air is circulating when indoors but avoid getting blown on directly
– If you sweat, be sure to change into dry clothes as soon as possible

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