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Can red bean water and coix seed water help to lose weight?

I am always quite bloated. My friends suggest that I drink red bean water and coix seed water every day to relieve edema. Does it work?

CheckCheckCin: Red bean water is made with cooking red beans. Red beans can replenish blood and stomach, nourish blood and calm the mind but not relieve edema or keep fit. If you want to relieve edema, you are talking about rice beans. They look similar to red beans, but are smaller and skinnier. Rice beans can strengthen the spleen, relieve diarrhea, promote diuresis and reduce bloating. They are not suitable for those with frequent urination, yin deficiency and damp heat.

As for coix seed water- made by cooking coix seeds. Coix seeds are cold in nature. They can clear heat, dispel dampness, promote diuresis and reduce bloating. It can alleviate damp heat, bloating and unsmooth urination. Those with asthenic spleen and stomach and prone to have stomache after eating cold/raw food should not drink too much. Not suitable for ladies during menstruation or pregnant women.

If you want to relieve edema, it require diligence. The dampness will not accumulate in the body if you reduce the burden on the spleen and stomach and keep them healthy. The rice water that we encourage people to drink more is made with red and white rice with a little bit of coix seeds. Due to its mild nature, it is suitable for the entire family with the exception of pregnant women as coix seeds can cause uterus contraction. Rice water can strengthen the spleen and stomach and dispel dampness so it is effective to solve the problem of asthenic obesity with edema. You may add a little bit of red beans in the rice water to replenish blood and achieve rosy complexion.

Tea remedy to relieve edema
Effects: Strengthens spleen and dispels dampness. Suitable for people who always feel tired and with bloated limbs
Ingredients: 10g rice beans, 10g purple haricots, 10g hyacinth bean coats
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Combine all ingredients with 800ml of water and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.

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