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雞蛋- 性平,有滋陰潤燥,養血安胎及健腦。適合體質虛弱、營養不良、氣血不足、產婦、孕婦等。另外蛋黃能健腦益智,增強記憶力,適合嬰兒及小兒適量食用。注意發燒及腹瀉不宜。

鵪鶉蛋- 性平。可補中益氣補肺,健脾胃。適合體質虛弱、營養不良、肺氣虛弱、氣血不足、小兒、生長發育者等適量食用。

Chicken Eggs vs Quail Eggs
As it becomes cooler, you start to see stalls selling roasted sweet potatoes. In comparison to sweet potatoes, some people may prefer salted quail legs, but avoid it due to fear of high chlolesterol and choose salted baked egg instead. In recent years, nutritionist have actually pointed out that the quails are not that high in cholesterol, and will not be an issue if you don’t consume more than 4 per day. So from Chinese medicine perspective, what are the differences between chicken eggs and quail eggs?
Chicken egg- mild in nature, can nourish yin and relieve dryness, replenish blood, stabilize pregnancy, and strengthen the brain. They are suitable for those with asthenic weak body types, those with poor nutrition, deficiency in qi and blood, postnatal and pregnant women. Egg yolk can strengthen the brain, improve memory and is suitable for infants and children. Note that those with a fever or diarrhea should avoid eggs.
Quail egg- mild in nature, can replenish qi and lungs, and strengthen the spleen and stomach. Suitable for those with weak and asthenic body types those with poor nutrition, asthenic lung qi, and deficiency in qi and blood. Suitable for children and those in puberty.

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