November 7, 2017


CheckCheckCin:很多人說秋天應喝黃酒,即是紹興酒、糯米酒或是花雕酒等,顏色呈琥珀色而得名。黃酒性熱,可行氣活血,暖胃驅寒,所以有說秋冬時飲用可以暖身抵禦寒冷。 都市人多因為工作繁忙而熬夜,飲食又不節制,不是有虛火,就是身體偏濕熱,這些人多喝酒反而會令身體偏熱症狀更嚴重,所以不要以為到了秋天就乘機多飲酒呀,反而有可能弄巧反拙!始終酒屬性溫熱,並非人人適合。



Doesn’t Chinese Medicine say to drink more alcohol during the fall?
CheckCheckCin: A lot of people say to have rice wine (yellow wine) in the fall, and that’s referring to Shao Xing wine, Glutinous Rice Wine, or Hua Diao Wine. These wines are amber in color and hence the name. Yellow wine is hot in nature, and they can promote qi and blood flow, warm the stomach and dispel cold, and that is why they are suitable for the fall to keep the body warm. A lot of urbanites have busy schedules, frequent late nights, and poor dietary habits which leads to either asthenic heat or damp-heat symptoms. For this group of people, drinking wine will make the heat-symptoms worse. So don’t think that just because it’s Autumn, you should drink more as alcohol is generally warm or hot in nature and may not be suitable for everyone!

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