October 17, 2017


CheckCheckCin: 甚麼是「五更飯」?意思就是早上3至5時吃飯,這是廣東人傳統的一個養生法,尤其是產後婦女,可以補中益氣和驅寒,當氣血更好自然會分泌更多母乳,但是要每朝這麼早起來吃飯實在不容易,究竟在中醫角度來說,吃五更飯重要,還是休息更重要?


Troubled Mom: I’m currently in my confinement month and my mother in law would like me to wake up every morning at 5am to eat to help with breast milk production. But I’m really tired to do that, what can I do?

CheckCheckCin: So what is this morning meal about? It’s a Cantonese health tradition to eat between 3am and 5am, especially for ladies after giving birth, to replenish vital energy, nourish qi and dispel cold. When your qi and blood are strong then your breast milk production will naturally be good. But it is not easy to wake up so early to eat. So from a Chinese medicine perspective, is it more important to have this morning meal or to have enough rest?

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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