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玫瑰花 — 性溫,有理氣解鬱、和血散瘀功效。因為有活血功效,月經期間及孕婦不宜飲用。
合歡花 — 性平,有寧神、鎮靜、舒肝理氣、解鬱安神功效。

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Flowers that can uplift your spirit
Rose vs. Silktree Albizziae Flower

Receiving flowers brings undeniable joy. According to traditional Chinese medicine, two types of flowers have mood-enhancing properties: roses and silktree albizziae flowers.

Roses possess the ability to soothe qi, alleviate depression, improve blood circulation, and dissolve blood stasis. They are particularly suitable for individuals experiencing high levels of stress and qi stagnation.

On the other hand, the Chinese name for silktree albizziae flower is associated with joy. It has the benefits of calming the mind, tranquilizing, soothing the liver, regulating qi, and relieving depression. When experiencing feelings of sadness or low mood, why not brew a cup of tea with either roses or silktree albizziae flowers? Treat yourself to a fragrant and refreshing break to uplift your spirits.

Rose – warm in nature, can soothe the liver and relieve stress, improve the circulation of the qi and blood. Women during the menstrual period should not consume, as it promotes blood circulation.
Silktree albizziae flower – neutral in nature, can calm the mind, release negative moods, and regulate qi.

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