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Which body constitutions are prone to heatstroke?
The scorching sun during summer causes us to sweat buckets, and some might experience dizziness, chest tightness, breathing difficulties, and even heatstroke! When the body fails to regulate the temperature in time, we can get a heatstroke.

Why are certain people prone to heatstroke? According to the Chinese Medicine theories, individuals with these three body constitutions need to be more mindful of the overheating condition.

? Individuals with heat in the body
These individuals always experience dry eyes and dry mouth. Their urine is often yellow in color, their stools are normally dry, and they have constipation problems. When individuals with a hot body constitution are exposed to the summer heat, it is almost like adding fuel to the fire. This would increase their chances of developing a heatstroke.
To do: clear the summer-heat by eating watermelon, honeydew, winter gourd, and bitter gourd. Drinking herbal tea can also help cool down the body.

? Individuals with a weak body constitution
Excessive sweating during summer will increase the burden of the lungs. Qi-deficient and yin-deficient individuals tend to sweat even when they are inactive or sleeping. Sweating profusely can damage qi in the heart, and the heat can lead to fatique
To do: qi-deficient individuals should replenish qi and strengthen the body by consuming Astragalus root, Codonopsis root, and Pseudostellaria heterophylla root; yin-deficient individuals should nourish yin by consuming an appropriate amount of snow fungus, American ginseng, and honey.

? Individuals with accumulated dampness in the body
The humid weather makes us feel warm, and the same goes for individuals with accumulated dampness in the body. Their sticky sweat and weak spleen inevitably cause fluid to stagnate in the body. This would limit their ability to dissipate heat from the body, hence, increasing their chances of becoming heatstroke victims.
To do: strengthen the spleen and dispel ampness from the body by drinking rice water daily and consuming coix seed, white hyacinth bean, and rice bean.

✔️CheckCheckCin Healing Tea Recommendation: Very hot (qi)
Ingredients: Plumeria, chrysanthemum bud, spreading hedyotis
Effects: Clears heat and detoxifies. Relieves bad breath, frequent eye discharge, red and dry eyes, frequent loss of temper, scanty or yellowish urine.

✔ CheckCheckCin Recommendation: Dampness
Ingredients: Rice bean, black eyed bean, hyacinth bean coat
Effects: Strengthens the spleen and dispels dampness. Relieves fatigue, tired even after adequate sleep, heaviness in limbs and edema.

✔ Recommendation: Dawn Rice Water
Ingredients: Red Rice, Coix Seed, White Rice
Effects: Suitable for the whole family to enhance physical wellbeing, especially those with a weak digestive system or with a phlegm and dampness body type.

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