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– 戒生冷食物及飲品
– 少吃多餐,一日一米水
– 適量飲用有白扁豆、茯苓、淮山等健脾袪濕藥材的湯水
– 適量做運動,有助排汗
– 每天按壓腳部足三里穴2-3分鐘


– 戒生冷及辛辣食物
– 少吃多餐,飲食清淡
– 適量飲用有黨參、北芪、太子參、薯仔等補氣食材的湯水
– 不宜劇烈運動,過量流汗
– 每天按壓腳部足三里穴、氣海穴、關元穴各2-3分鐘

Do I need to dispel dampness or replenish qi to lose weight?

Losing weight seems like a lifelong career for some women, even skinny girls seem to always feel like there’s room to reduce more. Summer is here and there are plans to go to the beach and go on boat trips. Looking at the mirror, you may want to lose a couple inches everywhere, or you may be following some celebrity diet for a week but have not seen any results?
From Chinese medicine perspective, you need to find out your body constitution as both phlegm and dampness and qi deficiency can lead to weight gain. The cause of weight gain and diet choices would be quite different so if you pick the right method, you’re off to a good start. (Some people can have multiple body constitutions as well)

Phlegm and dampness-
– Round body shape with loose muscles
– Decreased appetite
– Prefer cold and raw food
– Like sweets
– Excessive sticky sweats
– Tongue has a white and damp coating
– Frequently fatigued, body feels like its being wrapped by a wet towel
– Soft stool but not too smelly
– Ladies will have white or clear vaginal discharge that is odorless

If you experience 3 or more of above, then you have phlegm and dampness body constitution
Weight loss solution: You don’t have enough vital energy to move bodily fluids leading to dampness staying in the body which leads to bloating, so you need to dispel all the dampness!
– avoid raw and cold foods and drinks
– Have more meals throughout the day but eat less each time, have a cup of water rice daily
– Have soups that contain herbs that help with dispelling dampness such as hyacinth bean, smilax, and Chinese yam
– Exercise appropriately to sweat
– Massage the Zu San Li acupoint on your leg for 2-3 minutes daily

Qi deficiency body constitution-
– Shortness of breath, voice is soft
– tongue is fat and large with teeth marks on the side
– poor appetite, frequently fatigued
– pale complexion
– prone to dizziness
– excessive sweating even there’s no activity or just after light exercise
– Feels difficult to pass stool to the point of constipation. Exerting a lot of energy to pass stool, soft stool
If you experience 3 or more of above, then you have qi deficiency body constitution
Weight loss solution: your body qi is not exercised enough, the ability to absorb nutrition and move toxins is impaired. You need to replenish qi!
– Avoid cold and raw or spicy foods
– Have more meals but eat less each time, keep to lighter diet
– Have soups that contain herbs that help to replenish qi such as codonopsis root, Astragalus Root, radix pseudostellariae or potatoes
– Avoid intense exercises and sweating too much
– Massage your Zu San Li, Sea of Qi, Origin Pass acupoints for 2-3 minutes daily

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