December 4, 2020




1. 慎選梳子

2. 用護髮素

3. 吹頭技巧

4. 髮油

5. 內在調理

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Four tips to improve dry hair during autumn and winter
The humidity during autumn and winter is relatively lower; our skin tend to feel ‘tighter’. Even our hair will feel like haystacks – dry, have split end, brittle and charged with static electricity. We would not be in a good mood if we cannot keep it under control. In order to maintain silky hair, take a look at below tips.

1. Choose suitable combs
Avoid using combs that are made of plastic. Use those that are made from natural materials, as they can prevent the static electricity from forming. Consider wooden comb, horn comb, or bristle comb. It is a good practice to soak the comb in advance, as it can help reduce the static electricity.

2. Use hair conditioner
Avoid using hot water to wash the hair; opt for water that matches the human body temperature. Remember to use hair conditioner to smoothen and moisten the dry split ends. This is particularly useful for those who always use curling iron to style their hair.

3. Technique to blow dry wet hair
Using a towel to rub against your hair after washing it can easily cause static electricity. Use a hair dryer instead at an appropriate temperature, as hot wind can damage the hair. Keep the hair dryer at least 15cm away from the hair and stop blowing when it is about 80% dry.

4. Hair oil
Apply hair oil at the tip of the hair, as it can help keep them moist and reduce splits.

5. Regulate the body
According to Chinese Medicine, ‘liver stores the blood; and the hair is the extension from the blood’ and ‘kidneys store the essence; and the essence is reflected on the hair’. In order to have healthy hair, take care of the liver and kidneys. Consume an appropriate amount of ingredients that are black or dark in color, for instance, black fungus, black bean, black rice, black glutinous rice, black sesame, black date, mulberry and black-bone chicken, as they can help nourish the hair.

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