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☠️咖啡 — 屬性偏溫,具利尿作用,過量飲用會傷陰, 加速皮膚乾燥,令病情惡化。

☠️奶茶 — 紅茶性溫,牛奶滋膩,會影響脾胃消化功能,令水濕積聚體內,鬱而化熱,加重皮膚痕癢情況。

☠️牛奶 — 有補益的作用,如體內有濕者飲用會增加脾胃負擔,濕從內生,令皮膚問題惡化。

☠️啤酒 — 性溫,能散寒氣,有活血功效,但要注意啤酒並沒有清熱作用,更會積聚濕氣,冷飲更屬生冷食物,加重病情。

☠️凍飲 — 低於室溫的凍飲都屬生冷食物,容易生痰生濕,以致脾虛濕盛,令皮膚痕癢纏綿不癒。

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Why does our skin itch?

The itch caused by eczema, rubella, sensitive skin and even acne can be unbearable, and very often, we cannot resist the urge from scratching it. Sometimes, compulsive scratching can even cause bleeding. We might have controlled our diet and avoided certain food, but why does our skin still itch?

Other than the food we eat, have we also paid attention to the beverages we drink? From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, eczema and sensitive skin are closely associated with the weakness of the spleen. The coffee and milk tea Hong Kong citizens enjoy can further exacerbate the condition. If we want to avoid feeling itchy from time to time, we have to be mindful of the beverages we take as well.

Drinks that might easily cause sensitive skin to itch:
☠️ Coffee – warm in nature and has a diuretic effect. Excessive consumption of coffee can damage the yin and dehydrate the skin, causing our skin to itch.

☠️ Milk tea – red tea is warm in nature, whereas milk is thick in nature and has a high satiety effect; can affect the digestive functions of the spleen and stomach. Dampness will then stagnate, causing the body to have excess heat. This will then exacerbate the itching on the skin.

☠️ Milk – has nourishing properties; the spleen and stomach of people with dampness in the body will have to work extra hard if these individuals consume milk. Inevitably, dampness would continue to stagnate in the body, worsening the existing skin problem.

☠️ Beer – warm in nature, can dispel cold and invigorate the blood. Please note that drinking beer does not dissipate the heat. On the contrary, it might cause dampness to accumulate in the body. Drinking it cold can cause the itch to become more severe.

☠️Cold beverages – any cold drinks that are below the room temperature are raw and cold food. Consuming raw and cold food can induce phlegm and dampness, hence, weakening the spleen and causing dampness to stagnate in the body. This is how itchy skin becomes a never-ending problem.
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