April 24, 2017




☑︎ 睡前1﹣2小時不飲大量的水
☑︎ 將水含在口中緩緩逐口飲,減少因短時間飲大量水分為身體帶來負擔


I can prevent edema by not drinking water?
Edema is caused by fluid retention because you’re drinking too much water? That’s not true but a lot of people will drink less water as a way to prevent the swelling that comes from edema. This however causes lack of water in the body, and the body cannot properly discharge accumulated sodium, which worsens edema. People with qi stagnation, yang deficiency, and phlegm and dampness body types are all prone to edema. They should avoid heavily flavoured foods and cold/raw drinks, keep their bodies warm. These habits will help treat the issue at its core.
Here are also two tips on drinking water to avoid fluid retention!
☑︎ Don’t drink large amounts of water 1-2 hours before sleep
☑︎ Keep water in your mouth for longer time and drink each sip slowly, this reduces burden on the body due to heavy water intake within a short amount of time.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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