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牛大力 — 性平,有補虛潤肺、強筋活絡的功效,有助紓緩腰肌勞損、風濕性關節炎等症狀。

鬆筋藤 — 又名寛筋藤,性涼,有舒筋活絡、祛風止痛的作用,有助紓緩風濕痹痛、腰肌勞損、跌打損傷等症狀。

巴戟 — 性溫,有補腎陽、強筋骨、祛風濕的功效,有助紓緩肝腎不足的筋骨痿軟、腰膝疼痛等症狀。

伸筋草 — 性溫,有祛風散寒、除濕消腫、舒筋活血的作用,有助紓緩風寒濕痺引致的關節酸痛等症狀。

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Herbs to soothe joints and improve blood circulation
Many people have experienced different types of joint pain such as neck discomfort, mouse shoulder (shoulder pain caused by long hours of working in front of computer), and soreness around the waist area due to bad postures.

They seem to think these discomforts are minor problems. Instead of going to the doctor, they would ask their family members to massage their body or use pain relief patch.

According to the Chinese Medicine theories, the liver governs the joints, the spleen governs the muscles, and the kidneys govern the bones. Since musculoskeletal pain is closely related to the health of our internal organs, we must take good care of the liver, spleen, and kidneys to relieve the symptoms above.

We can actually find many ‘treasures’ that can soothe the joints and improve blood circulation in Chinese Medicine halls. They are generally brownish in color and come in bars or strips, for instance, millettia root (‘niu da li’), Tinospora sinensis (Lour.) Merr (‘song jin teng’), Morinda root (‘ba ji’), and Herba Lycopodii (‘shen jin cao’). These medicinal herbs can strengthen the joints and promote blood circulation, so do consider using them to make soup.

Millettia root (‘niu da li’) — mild in nature; can nourish and moisten the lungs, strengthen the joints, promote blood circulation, and relieve muscle soreness and rheumatoid arthritis.

Tinospora sinensis (Lour.) Merr (‘song jin teng’) — also known as ‘kuan jin teng’ in Mandarin, and it is cool in nature; can relieve joint pain, improve blood circulation, dispel wind from the body, and relieve rheumatic arthralgia, muscle soreness, bruises, and injuries.

Morinda root (‘ba ji’) — warm in nature; can nourish the yang in the kidneys, strengthen the joints and bones, dispel wind-dampness from the body, and relieve the pain on joints, bones, waist, and knees that are caused by the deficiencies in the kidney and liver.

Herba Lycopodii (‘shen jin cao’) — warm in nature; can dispel wind and cold, dispel dampness from the body, reduce edema, soothe the joints, promote blood circulation, and relieve joint pain that is caused by anemofrigid-damp arthralgia (‘feng han shi bi’)

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