June 13, 2022


⚠️ 風寒者不宜。


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Massage the Yu Ji acupoint to relieve a hoarse voice
A hoarse voice refers to a rough and harsh sounding voice. Some of the causes are common cold with the wind-heat or wind-cold symptoms, excessive consumption of hot, spicy, and fried food, alcohol, and cigarette, the incorrect use of the vocal cord, yin-deficient lungs and kidneys, and stagnation of phlegm.
Besides massaging the acupoint, we also recommend drinking the malva nut honey, as it is anti-inflammatory, good for the throat and lungs, and can relieve swelling. It is suitable for individuals who develop a hoarse voice because of yin deficiency, their heat-dampness body constitution, the habit of staying up late, and the excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarette.
⚠️ It is not suitable for individuals with the wind-cold symptoms.

Malva nut tea with Semen oroxyli
Ingredients: 3 malva nuts, 2g semen oroxyli, 6g licorice
Preparation: Cook with water for 30 minutes.

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