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1. 南瓜及黑木耳洗淨切小塊備用
2. 米及藜麥洗淨放入電飯煲
3. 鍋內注入適量水分再加入醬油及味醂
4. 把南瓜、黑木耳放在米及藜麥上
5. 開啟煮飯模式至飯煮熟
6. 趁熱時稍稍將南瓜壓成蓉,將飯與南瓜拌勻
7. 灑上少量木魚碎及蔥花調味即成

Major cold solar term- Pumpkin risotto with black fungus and quinoa

Pumpkin: replenishes vital energy and qi, moistens the lungs and relieves cough
Black fungus: replenishes and activates blood, nourishes kidney and stomach

Ingredients: pumpkin (1 small pumpkin or half of medium-sized pumpkin), 80g rice, 30g black fungus, 30g quinoa, 2 tablespoons Japanese soy sauce, 2 tablespoons mirin, dried bonito and chopped spring onion (last two ingredients are optional)

1. Rinse and cut the pumpkin and black fungus into small pieces
2. Rinse the rice and quinoa then add into rice cooker
3. Add right amount of water into rice cooker and add soy sauce and mirin
4. Place pumpkin and black fungus on rice and quinoa
5. Turn on rice cooking mode until the rice is cooked
6. Press the pumpkin into a slush when the rice is still hot and mix the rice with the pumpkin well
7. Add a small amount of dried bonito and chopped spring onion to add flavor.


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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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