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??♂️ 吃冰 / 喝凍飲
⭕ 消暑好習慣:喝一杯西瓜汁或椰青水,消暑解渴。

??♂️ 對着風口直吹

??♂️ 打大赤肋

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Three bad habits to beat the heat
Have you used the following methods to relieve heat? Be careful, you might do more harm than good!

??‍♂️ Drink iced/cold beverages
Some people cannot live without cold drinks, and they even enjoy chewing on ice cubes. Though ice cubes might help relieve heat, they should not be consumed excessively. Iced or cold drinks are raw and cold foods, and they can damage the yang energy. The spleen and stomach rely on the yang energy to circulate fluid in the body. Hence, drinking cold beverages can undermine the functions of these organs. This will further cause cold and dampness to accumulate in the body, and symptoms like abdominal bloating, menstrual pain, water retention, dark eye circles, and a lackluster complexion might develop.
⭕ Tip: drink a glass of watermelon or coconut juice to clear heat and quench thirst

??‍♂️ Enjoy the coolness in front of the air conditioner vent
Fans and air conditioners are essential during summer. Standing in front of the cold air can cause the pathogenic factor of the wind to invade our body when the hot weather has expanded our pores. Individuals who do this might cough and experience headache, nasal allergy, or even facial paralysis.
⭕ Tip: keep a distance from the vent and avoid direct cold air from the air conditioner

??‍♂️ Be topless
Do men in your family wear a shirt at home during summer? Many men tend to strip to be topless because they cannot stand the hot summer weather. Be careful not to catch a cold after sweating. The sun can easily damage the skin when we do not have our clothes when we are outdoors.
⭕ Tip: bring extra set of clothes to change; wear sweat-absorbing clothes that have high air permeability

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