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– 多喝蜂蜜水補充水份,使用放濕機令室內濕度提升
– 少吃辛辣,多吃潤燥養陰食物如麥冬、無花果、雪耳、蜂蜜等
– 多進食健脾食物如白米、淮山、番薯、薯仔、薏米等
– 早睡早起,避免熬夜

– 舔嘴唇,因為唇部的水份會隨著口水蒸發而帶走
– 撕走唇上的脫皮,容易造成傷口
– 吃煎炸辛辣食物會傷陰,加倍耗損津液

Quit your bad habits to relieve cracked lips
It has gotten so dry with fall weather that our lips crack easily! The lips may feel tight and dry with peeling, and in more serious cases they may crack to the point of bleeding. Some people then try to moisturize their lips by licking them, but the lips become even dryer. For those who tug at peeling skin, you may end up with a bleeding wound. Chinese medicine believes heat in the spleen and stomach can cause infection of the lips leading to dryness and cracking. To improve condition of your lips, aside from using lip balm, be sure to stop your bad habits and take care of your body by nourishing yin to relieve dryness and promoting fluid production.

Tips to prevent dry lips
– have honey water to replenish fluids and increase setting on your humidifier
– avoid spicy things and have ingredients that nourish yin and relieve dryness such as ophiopogon japonicus, fig, snow fungus, honey.
– have foods that strengthens the spleen such as white rice, Chinese yam, sweet potato and coix seed
– sleep and wake up early, avoid late nights

– licking your lips as the moisture on your lips may evaporate with your saliva
– removing peeling skin as it may become a wound
– eating spicy, oily and fried food as that will hurt your yin and further use up body fluids

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