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👩🏻💼 中醫解說:從中醫角度來看,雞性溫,具補益氣血的功效,雞湯屬溫補之物,外邪未解而進食補益之品,容易留邪在體內,甚至加重症狀,所以感冒期間不宜飲用雞湯。

👩🏻💼 中醫解說:生病時不宜吃滋補食物,身體未能吸收之餘,更會加重脾胃負擔,而且更會助長病邪,將病邪困於體內,補品還是留待病癒後或身體健康才食用。

👩🏻💼 中醫解說:生病時胃口不佳,有人想到將可樂、檸檬加熱飲用,更傳言有治感冒的作用。其實加熱後的可樂與熱糖水無異,只能補充熱量,但容易生痰,對病情沒有多大幫助,不如喝一杯暖檸檬水。

👩🏻💼 中醫解說:生病時宜多休息,以為「出身汗」有助排走病毒是錯誤的想法,因為身體要有足夠的正氣對付病邪,生病時過份操勞會耗損正氣。就算平常有規律運動習慣的人,生病時還是建議多休息。

Busting myths about the cold and flu
We might catch a flu or cold several times a year. If the symptoms are mild, we might not need to consult the doctor. While some of us might get over-the-counter medicines from pharmacies, some would rely on traditional remedies, and this is how certain myths gained steam.

Myth 1: Drinking chicken soup cures a flu or cold
👩🏻💼💼 Chinese physician: From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, chicken is warm in nature and can nourish the qi and the blood. Hence, chicken soup is also of a similar nature. Consuming nourishing food before getting rid of the exogenous pathogenic factors would further trap the latter in the body, thus aggravating the health condition. Hence, avoid drinking chicken soup when we catch a cold.

Myth 2: Taking supplements can boost immunity to combat viruses
👩🏻💼💼 Chinese physician: We should not consume nourishing food when we are ill, as our body cannot absorb them efficiently. If we do so, we would increase the burden of the spleen and stomach, trapping the pathogenic factors in the body. Therefore, we should only consume supplements when we have recovered or when we are healthy.

Myth 3: Warm lemon coke is a cure for flu and cold
👩🏻💼💼 Chinese physician: Patients would normally experience appetite loss. Some people came up with the idea of adding hot lemon juice to coke and claimed it as a remedy for flu and cold. In reality, this concoction is no different from any sweet soup that will only add calories to the body and induce phlegm production. It is better for us to consume a glass of warm lemon water.

Myth 4: Exercise and sweat it out to speed up our recovery
👩🏻💼💼 Chinese physician: When we are sick, we should get enough rest. Sweating it out to eliminate viruses from the body is a misconception. The body requires vital qi to combat against the pathogenic factors, so we should not exhaust the body further. Even individuals who exercise regularly should rest well when they are feeling under the weather.

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