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柿子 — 性寒,有清熱、潤肺、止渴的功效,適合痔瘡出血、大便乾結、高血壓人士食用。但由於性寒,脾胃虛寒、腹瀉便溏者勿吃;女子月經期間不宜食用。

柿餅 — 性寒,有潤肺、澀腸、止血功效,適合各種出血情況食用,例如痰中帶血、小便出血、痔瘡便血等。表面的柿霜有清熱、潤燥及化痰作用。

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Persimmon can clear heat and moisten the lungs in autumn
Persimmon is in season during the fall, from the perspective of Chinese Medicine, persimmon is cold in nature, can clear heat, moisten the lungs and quench one’s thirst; is suitable for individuals who experienced discomfort related to dryness.

Persimmon has many different varietals; some have smoother skin and are red in color; some are rather greyish, why is that so? Those covered in a greyish coat are fruits that contain Tannin and have a pucker taste, therefore the harvested fruits should be immersed in limewater, to bring out the sweet taste and fragrance from within.

Dried persimmon on the other hand has a white powdery coating, called ‘shi shuang’ in Mandarin. It is formed through the crystallization of glucose, which oozed out of the fruit itself. Chinese Medicine opines that the powdery coating can clear heat and phlegm, and relieve dryness, cough related to dry lungs and sore throat. Persimmon is cold in nature, and should not be eaten with food that are also cold in nature, such as crab.

Persimmon – cold in nature, can clear heat, moisten the lungs and quench one’s thirst; suitable for individuals with hemorrhoids bleeding, dry stools and hypertension. Individuals will weak spleen and stomach, as well as those with diarrhea problem should avoid, as it is cold in nature; women during period should not consume persimmon as well.

Dried persimmon – cold in nature, can moisten the lungs, improve diarrhea condition and promote hemostasis in conditions such as blood-streaked phlegm and urine, as well as hemorrhoids and blood in stools. The white powdery coating can also clear heat and phlegm, and moisten dryness.

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