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Sleeping under the blanket
“Ever since I was young my mom would tell me to cover my tummy and knees with a blanket, but why do we need to do that?”

CheckCheckCin: Ancient Chinese Medicine literature “Study on the Theoretical Origin of Children’s Diseases” stated ten methods in looking after the children: “first, warm the back; second, warm the belly button; third, warm the feet”.

A person’s back is the central system of the yang, where the wind pathogen can invade easily, causing flu and cough. The belly button should be kept warm because it houses the spleen, stomach and the kidneys. Men with a cold tummy might experience yang deficiency in the kidneys; women might develop a cold uterus, which will lead to problems such as menstrual pain. If the tummy gets cold, it will hurt the spleen and stomach, hence causing stomachache and diarrhea.

“Cold enters through the foot soles”. Our feet are the furthest from the heart, and the circulation of blood is also the slowest, causing it to be the most sensitive body part to cold. This is especially true for our knees, because it is only protected by a thin layer of skin without an ample amount of fat, making it susceptible to the invasion of the wind, cold and damp pathogens. This can cause the lower limbs to experience an improper circulation of the blood and qi, as well as pain in the joints.

All these tips have been passed down from one generation to another. This is why our mothers imparted the same knowledge to us. You might not feel the cold at first, but our body temperature will drop during sleep. We recommend you to cover yourself with a thin blanket, to prevent the wind and cold from invading your body.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.