June 2, 2017




OL長期在有冷氣的辦公室工作, 由於女性易有氣血不通的問題,體質多虛弱亦忌寒冷,特別容易受冷氣影響。而年長人士的呼吸道較弱,亦不應多吹冷氣。

Sick from Air Condition?

In Chinese medicine theories, there isn’t a ‘air condition disease’. But in modern day living, air condition is not something people can live without. Some people, however, are living and working in air-conditioned environments, and the body condition does indeed get effected by it. When the body is in the low-temperature environment over a long period of time, metabolism, blood circulation and Gastrointestinal motility all slow down. For those with asthenic and cold body types, conditions of poor qi and blood circulation and cold limbs will also worsen. In addition, long exposure to cool temperatures may depress your yang qi and cause clogged pores, which may prohibit sweating. The dampness that is in your body can lead to edema and aversion to cold. Chinese medicine also strongly believes ‘wind is the chief pathogen of all diseases’. People who are constantly blown by cold air may experience meridian occlusion, and pain symptoms such as headaches may follow.
Office ladies are exposed to air condition in the office, and female are generally prone to poor qi and blood circulation with asthenic cold body types, so they are more easily affected by the cooler temperatures. Elderly people have weaker respiratory systems and should also avoid frequent exposure to direct cold air.

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