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花椒 — 性熱,有溫中散寒、解魚腥毒的功效,適合胃部及腹部冷痛、食慾不振、腸鳴便溏、風寒濕性關節炎、寒性痛經者食用。

八角 — 又名大茴香,性溫,具散寒溫陽、溫腎暖肝、理氣開胃功效,適合胃寒呃逆、腎虛腰痛者食用;惟注意陰虛火旺、糖尿病、目赤腫痛者不宜多吃。

小茴香 — 性溫,有理氣開胃、散寒止痛的作用,紓緩寒性腹痛、經寒痛經及嘔吐腹瀉等症狀。身體有偏熱症狀、陰虛火旺、濕熱體質人士不宜服用。

丁香 — 性溫,具有溫胃散寒,開胃進食,暖腎強腰作用。適合胃寒嘔吐、反胃呃逆、胃寒腹痛、腎陽不足、子宮虛冷陰痛者食用;惟注意胃熱嘔逆者、陰虛內熱及有偏熱症狀者如喉嚨痛、口瘡、暗瘡者勿吃。

桂皮 — 性熱,能暖脾胃、補元陽、除積冷、通脈止痛,適合怕冷、手腳發冷、胃寒、寒性月經不適等。注意身體有偏熱症狀如陰虛火旺、痔瘡、大便乾燥、孕婦不宜服用。

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What are the five spices in the five-spice powder?
Use spices to dispel cold and warm the body

We tend to crave for lamb stew and hotpot as they could warm our body, but the problem with these dishes is they can cause heat to accumulate in our body too. So what other ingredients can we consume to warm our body?

Walk around your kitchen, and you should be able to find these ingredients. That is right! We are talking about spices like pepper, star anise, clove, cinnamon and fennel.

Though these spices are collectively known as the five-spice powder, they can be used individually in cooking as well. Besides bringing out the natural flavor of ingredients and eliminating the fishy odor, they are also used to season pork belly in glutinous rice dumplings and taro cake.

Do consider keeping yourself warm by seasoning chicken wings with the five-spice powder and frying them for dinner tonight!

Sichuan pepper – hot in nature, can warm the body and dispel cold, and help get rid of the fishy odour. The ability to dispel cold and remove dampness from the body makes Sichuan pepper a good food choice for individuals who experience the feeling of pain and cold on the stomach and the abdomen, poor appetite, abdominal gurgling and loose stools, rheumatoid arthritis, and menstrual cramps caused by cold conditions.

Star anise- warm in nature, can dispel cold, warm the yang, kidneys and liver, regulate qi and stimulate appetite. It is suitable for those with cold stomach, hiccups, asthenic weak kidney and lower back pain. Those with yin deficiency, diabetes, eye redness and pain should not eat too much.

Fennel – warm in nature, can regulate qi and stomach, dispel cold to relieve pain. Relieves cold-related diarrhea, frequent menstrual pain and vomiting. Not suitable for those with heat-related symptoms, with yin deficiency and excessive internal heat, and those with damp heat body constitution.

Clove- warm in nature, can warm the stomach, dispel cold, stimulate appetite, warm the kidney, strengthen the lower back. It is suitable for those who suffer from vomiting due to cold stomach, nausea, hiccups, abdominal pain due to cold stomach, insufficient kidney yang qi, and asthenic cold uterus pain. Those with vomiting due to heat in stomach, yin deficiency, heat-related symptoms such as sore throat, canker sore, pimple should not consume.

Chinese cinnamon – hot in nature, can warm the spleen and stomach, replenish vital energy and yang, dispel cold. It is suitable for those who suffer from aversion to cold, cold limbs, cold stomach, cold type of menstrual discomfort. It is not suitable for those with heat-related symptoms such as yin deficiency, hemorrhoids, dry stools and for pregnant women.

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