July 2, 2017

凍與痛是有密切的關係。Tag 你身邊的小龍女吧!


Blue Monday-愈凍愈痛

Blue Monday- The colder it gets, the more painful it feels
When your period comes on a Monday, in addition to the standard Monday blues of not wanting to go to work, the thought of cold buses and offices makes it very difficult to leave your warm and comfortable bed. Menstrual pain has many causes, as simple as pain caused by ‘cold symptoms’ can already be further broken down into deficient or excessive types. If you indulge in cold and raw foods before your period or have a romantic stroll in the rain and play with water during your period, then your menstrual pain could be a result of the cold chill pathogens (excessive cold) becoming stagnated in your meridians. If the pain can be relieved by physical or warm compression, then it usually means that it is a cold-related menstrual pain.
Most women have aversion to cold, and it is especially important to keep warm during your period or try having a glass of ginger tea to relieve the pain.

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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.