May 2, 2017



1. 洗頭後要把頭髮吹乾
2. 閒時多熱敷頸部

CheckCheckMail: I don’t have any abdominal pain during menstruation, but will get really bad headaches, why is that?
CheckCheckCin: Chinese medicine labels this type of headache as ‘meridian flow headache’. Ladies who experience severe headaches before and during menstruation are usually blood and qi deficient with yin deficient or qi deficient blood stasis body types. During menstruation, blood flows downwards towards the uterus. Due to qi and blood deficiencies, blood and qi cannot travel up to the head. In other cases, the liver’s ability to condition qi is affected, causing liver blood supply to reduce and it can also lead to headaches. Some people may even vomit due to liver qi affecting the stomach. Even though the symptoms and body types may differ, the main cause still surrounds qi and blood flow and circulation. It I important to keep your head and neck warm to relieve headaches. It is hard to diagnose the cause so it would be best to see a Chinese medicine practitioner.
1. Make sure to dry your hair thoroughly after wash
2. When possible, put a heat pack on your neck

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