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Clear heat to get rid of stye

Stye, also known as hordeolum, refers to the small bumps on the edge of the eyelids. It is a common eye disease and might be a recurrent problem for some people. What could be the reason?

According to Chinese physicians, the eyelids correspond with the spleen and stomach, hence patients with stye are normally people with heat in the spleen and stomach or those experiencing the exogenous wind-heat. Other symptoms include feeling heaty, constipation, and acne.

During the early stages of stye’s formation, the eyes will feel itchy and swell. As the swelling expands, pus might even develop. We can opt for hot compress when the stye first emerges and drink tea that could clear the heat and toxins from the body. For instance, drinking chrysanthemum tea with honeysuckle and mulberry leaf tea helps.

In more severe cases, especially when pus is present, patients should consult the Chinese physician to customize the right treatment for them. To prevent stye from forming, we must ensure our eyes’ cleanliness. Also, ensure we remove makeup thoroughly, avoid rubbing our eyes with hands, maintain a disciplined lifestyle, avoid sleeping late, and avoid eating deep-fried and heaty foods. Drink soups that can strengthen the qi and spleen or consume rice water daily to enhance the functions of the spleen and stomach.

Chrysanthemum tea with honeysuckle
Effects: clears heat and detoxifies
Ingredients: 3g honeysuckle, 3g Hang chrysanthemum, 6g mulberry leaf
Preparation: Place ingredients into thermos, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 5 minutes.

✔️CheckCheckCin Beauty tea recommendation: Bright eyes, Very Hot(qi)
✔️CheckCheckCin Rice Water Recommendation: Dawn Rice Water

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