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Why can’t I last longer in bed?
For men, the health of the lower body determines the success of life. At the most important moment, instead of romance, premature ejaculation ruins everything and results in embarrassment. Premature ejaculation means releasing semen too early causing the penis to become weak and can not continue sexual behavior. Impotence is the failure of the penis to erect, or erection without firmness which ends sexual activities. If the problem of premature ejaculation is not properly treated for a long time, it could develop into impotence. Therefore, premature ejaculation is closely related to impotence. It is not serious to have premature ejaculation once or twice as it can be affected by mood and pressure. However, if it happens regularly, you may need to be careful. From Chinese medicine perspective, the health of the reproductive system is closely related to the “kidney”. If the kidney qi is not solid, it may cause semen to leak and the symptoms of premature ejaculation, which is also the most common reason. There is however one more common cause and thay is damp heat. When having bad mood, qi and blood stasis can not be released for a long time, combined with heavy flavored diet and liver dysfunction, it can lead to premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation due to asthenic kidney qi
Accompanying symptoms: aversion to cold, pale complexion, sore back, weak knees, hair loss
State of urine: clear, long and frequent
Reason: asthenic and weak body condition because of congenital state or after a long illness, too much sex
-》should nourish yin and warm the yang: sesame paste

Premature ejaculation due to liver damp heat
Accompanying symptoms: irritability, bitter mouth, dry throat, dizziness.
State of urine: yellowish and reddish, incomplete, turbid
Reason: experience emotional discomfort, liver depression then lead to fire-like symptoms, or eat too much spicy, oily and fatty food
-》Should clear liver and heat: canton abrus

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