March 2, 2020




Healthy eating in the spring
You can tell spring is coming as it has been warm and humid. According to healthy living concepts based on Chinese medicine, spring is the season that yang qi is most active. Human yang qi is naturally expressed so you should nourish and protect yang qi in the body. Appropriately consume spicy and warm natured ingredients to stimulate appetite and promote yang qi, such as spring onion, cilantro, chives, onion, garland chrysanthemum, celery.
Spring belongs to the wood, which corresponds to the liver. So in the spring, pay more attention to the conditioning of the liver. The liver is responsible for detoxification and weak for those with depression. If liver qi is stagnated , eating spicy, fried and oily food, replenish too much, or often staying up late, can easily lead to an increase in liver fire, causing symptoms such as irritability, poor sleep. According to the ancient healthy living book, one should opt for sweet flavour but not sour in the spring. Sour flavour harms yang qi and liver qi is exposed, so eat less sour food in the spring. Sweet flavour can nourish the spleen and relieve dryness. It is suitable to eat more sweet food during spring, such as rice, millet, Chinese yam, red dates, soya bean, hyacinth bean, black soya bean, carrot, potato, sweet potato, taro, lotus root, pumpkin, corn, longan.
It is rainy and humid during spring, and dampness causes fatigue and bad mood. You can eat ingredients to strengthen the spleen and stomach, such as Chinese yam, coix seed, hyacinth bean, rice bean, soya bean. At the same time, eat more ingredients that can regulate qi, such as fingered citron, hairy fig root, white radish, dried citrus peel, to promote liver qi circulation and regulate mood.

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