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It is important to be patient when trying to conceive. With busy lifestyles and stress, keeping a calm mind and positive outlook is important. Body constitution is closely related to ability to conceive. There are lots of reasons for infertility, and it may not necessary just be related to cold uterus or kidney deficiency in men.

Five body types that are difficult to conceive
Phelgm and Dampness- due to poor movement of water in the body, qi and blood is also not flowing, which creates difficulty to conceive.

Suggestion: avoid cold and raw foods. Take 9g Chinese yam, 9g poria, 1 dried citrus peel and steep in hot water for 15-20 minutes.

Yang deficiency- innate yang deficiency, chronic disease, or long term exhaustion can cause yang qi deficient in the kidneys. Symptoms include aversion to cold, weak knees and lower back, frequent night urination. The serious symptoms include impotence and infertility.

suggestion: avoid raw and cold food. Take 2 teaspoon of black sesame, 2 crushed walnuts and steep for 10 minutes.

Qi Stagnation- Moodiness and pressure can lead to liver qi stagnation. Qi and blood may not flow well which makes it difficult to conceive.
Suggestion- 4-5 roses, 9g jasmine, steep for 10 minutes.

Blood Stasis- Frequent consumption of cold and raw foods or long term stress leads to poor qi and blood flow which leads to blood stasis body constitution. Ladies may experience menstrual pain and blood clots in menstruation and difficulty conceiving.

Suggestion: avoid raw and cold food. 4-5 rose, 10g Chinese hawthorn, steep for 10 minutes.

Qi and Blood Deficiency- ladies who are too thin or have chronic illness will have difficulty to conceive due to lack of nutrients and naturally a qi and blood deficiency. In more serious cases, there will be anemia and even early onset of menopause. Without the nourishment from qi and blood, it will be hard to conceive.

Suggestion: avoid raw and cold foods, have a cup of rice water or red bean rice water daily to nourish the spleen and stomach to improve nutrient absorption.

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