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踏入秋季天氣乾燥,不少人都喜歡喝杯蜂蜜水,甜蜜的味道令人身心都有滋潤感覺,從中醫角度來看蜂蜜的確是潤燥恩物,它屬性平和,有補脾潤肺、潤腸及解毒功效,但如果你屬於濕熱或痰濕體質則不宜飲用,因為蜂蜜會引致痰多而阻塞喉嚨引起喉嚨不適;而因為蜂蜜有輕瀉作用,脾胃虛弱的人飲用容易出現胃脹及腹瀉。飲用蜂蜜時有不少注意事項 ,你又知道嗎?

– 用攝氏60度以下的溫水沖泡
– 儲存在乾爽陰涼地方即可,不用放雪櫃
– 能潤腸通便舒緩便秘症狀
– 每日一茶匙

– 用金屬器皿及匙羹存取
– 1歲以下嬰兒不宜
– 容易腹瀉者不宜
– 空腹飲用

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Do’s and Don’ts when drinking honey water 
When entering autumn, many people enjoy drinking honey water to cope with dryness. The sweet taste and scent also help the body feel hydrated and refreshed. From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, honey is indeed nature’s gift to help with hydration. It is mild in nature, can nourish the spleen and moisten the lungs, intestines and dispel toxins from the body. 

Avoid consuming honey if you have damp-heat or damp-phlegm body constitutions, as it can further cause phlegm production and disrupt the airway in your throat; honey also has a mild laxative effect, which can cause individuals with a weak spleen and stomach to experience bloating and diarrhea. 

Are you aware of areas you should take note of when preparing honey water?

– use warm water (60 degree Celsius and below) to make the drink
– store it in a dry cooling place, does not need refrigeration
– can moisten intestines to relieve constipation
– a spoonful of honey a day is sufficient

– avoid using metal utensils to scoop
– toddlers aged one and below should not consume honey
– not suitable for those prone to diarrhea
– avoid drinking honey water with an empty stomach

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