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Kids with nasal allergies shouldn’t casually replenish the lungs
Nasal allergy is usually related to the lungs, spleen and kidneys. Children organs are not fully developed and have 3 deficiencies usually related to these three organs, and that’s why they are especially prone to nasal or respiratory allergies. If the parents suffer from nasal allergies, then it may also pass on to the children genetically. First it is important not to over react and blindly give the children different remedies such as Cordyceps, crocodile meat, birds’ nest, chuan bei type of tonic lung replenishing foods. It is still better to watch regular diet and lifestyle, avoid cold/raw and cold natured foods, and have a glass of rice water daily. Healthy spleen and stomach makes it easier to absorb nutrients from food. Here are also two dishes that are suitable for those with qi deficiency. Both congees can nourish qi, is delicious and simple to make- great for the whole family!
Shredded chicken congee with onions
Ingredients: Half an onion, 500g chicken meat, ½ cup of rice
Preparation: rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Peel onion and cut into slices. Rinse chicken and steam until cooked, and then shred by hand. Cook rice until it’s half way cooked congee and add in all ingredients. Cook until soft and add salt to taste.
Spare rib congee with pumpkin and sweet potato
Ingredients: 300g pumpkin, 1 sweet potato, 400g spare rib
Preparation: Peel pumpkin and sweet potato and cut into cubes, blanch spare ribs. Cook rice until it’s half way cooked congee and add in all ingredients. Cook until soft and add salt to taste.



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