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功效:溫中止嘔散寒, 舒緩服用大閘蟹後腸胃不適症狀如胃脹痛,腹瀉欲吐等。

☞材料:紫蘇6克、藿香6克、生薑 3片、適量紅糖


✼Been skiing in Japan? Enjoy that delicious crab sushi and sashimi?❃

?Crab is cool-natured and also considered one of the lowest level creatures in the oceanic food chain. People with a weak spleen and stomach will normally be easily bloated. If you add in overly oily and cold or raw foods, they will be more prone to stomaches, diarrhea or soft and watery stool. People with tongues thicker than their lips, sensitive skin, or skin that becomes swollen or itchy easily should also avoid eating crabs. It is also not suitable for ladies who are pregnant, has menstrual pains or has irregular menstruation.

?Post-crab tea remedy?
Effects- mildly stop vomiting is and dispel cold. Relieve symptoms such as stomach discomfort, bloatedness and diarrhea that arise after eating.

Rinse all ingredients thoroughly.
Combine all ingredients with 600ml of water into a pot and cook on high heat until boiling. Once it’s boiling, switch to medium heat and cook for another 15 minutes. Add in appropriate amount of brown sugar.
Consume for two consecutive days. If stomach discomfort persists, contact your doctor accordingly.

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