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番茄 — 性涼,有生津止渴、健胃助消化功效,適合發熱口乾、食慾不振者食用,它亦有護膚美白的功效。惟注意番茄性涼,胃寒人士不宜食用,寒性痛經女士在月經期間勿吃,胃酸過多者不宜空腹食用。

1. 米洗淨加入飯煲中,加入正常煮飯份量的水,加入橄欖油、鹽及黑胡椒拌勻。
2. 番茄洗淨,切去蒂部,底部用刀?十字,蒂部朝下放在米粒中間。
3. 三文魚柳切粒,連同枝豆及粟米粒平均放在番茄周圍。
4. 按掣煮飯,飯熟後將番茄搗爛,與所有材料拌勻即可。

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Tomato rice for laidback individuals
Trends in diet evolve rapidly. Do you remember tomato rice, which used to be extremely popular? When cooking rice, place an entire tomato into the cooker. Mash the tomato into paste and mix it with the cooked rice, and there you have it, delicious tomato rice.

This recipe is especially suitable for consumption when we develop a loss of appetite during summer. From the Chinese medicine perspective, tomato can promote saliva secretion and quench one’s thirst, strengthen the stomach and encourage digestion. An appropriate amount of food with sour taste can stimulate the appetite, and the secretion of gastric acid. Moreover, eating cooked tomato also helps with the absorption of lycopene, which has anti-oxidant properties as well as help maintain cardiovascular health.

Tomato – cool in nature, can promote saliva secretion and quench one’s thirst, suitable for individuals with dry mouth (xerostomia) and appetite loss. It can also brighten and whiten the skin. Since tomato is cool in nature, it is not suitable for individuals with asthenic cold in the stomach and women who experience cold-related menstrual pain. Those with excessive gastric acid secretion problem should not consume it with an empty stomach.

Whole tomato salmon rice
Ingredients: 1 cup of rice, 1 tomato, 2 salmon fillets, 50g frozen edamame, 50g corn, olive oil, salt & black pepper

1. Rinse rice, add rice and water in rice cooker, add olive oil, salt & black pepper.
2. Rinse tomato and remove stalk, slice a cross at the bottom, and place the entire tomato with rice.
3. Dice salmon fillets, put salmon, edamame and corn evenly around the tomato.
4. Start rice cooker, when done mash tomato into paste and mix well with other ingredients.

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