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Some say “women who have not given birth can develop tumors in womb easily”
Can becoming pregnant get rid of chocolate cyst?

Ms. Ho: “A friend of mine once had a chocolate cyst, but it disappeared after she gave birth to a child. Is it possible?”

CheckCheckCin: Endometriosis (or chocolate cyst) occurs when the endometrium grows out of its designated areas and turns into a blood tumor. The endometrial lining of the uterus is made of menstrual blood. During pregnancy, ovulation would stop. Hence, the endometrium would stop developing.

Since menstruation will not take place during the pregnancy period, the symptoms caused by chocolate cyst will be less obvious. In some cases, the size of the chocolate cyst will even reduce in size. The tumor, however, can still be found in the womb and might recur after delivering the baby.

Women with endometriosis will have a more difficult time to conceive. Even if the attempt is successful, the pressure within the womb during the pregnancy might cause the chocolate cyst to burst. It is best to consult doctors and seek proper treatment if a chocolate cyst is detected. At the same time, watch your diet, avoid eating raw and cold food, and avoid nourishing the body inappropriately.

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