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1. 蘋果去皮去芯切小粒;淮山去皮切小粒備用。
2. 鍋中加入800毫升水、白米及小米,用武火煮滾,水滾後調至文火,待煮成稠狀後加入蘋果粒及淮山粒煮約15分鐘即可。要留意要否烹調過程中要加水。

Treatment for children diarrhea
From Chinese medicine perspective, children’s organs have not fully developed and they cannot properly absorb all the nutrients consumed. Eating something wrong can easily lead to diarrhea, or increased frequency of bowel movement, or loose and watery stool. You can pay attention to whether the anus is red or not as redness can indicate heat inside the body. If the diarrhea problem is serious and is accompanied by fever, vomiting, blood or mucus in the stool, and refusal to eat, it is recommended to seek medical attention immediately.
If the symptoms of diarrhea are mild, you can try observing first and be sure to keep your child hydrated with water or rice water. Plain congee is also a good choice as it is easier to digest. For infants who are still drinking formula, you can dilute the milk more, or try lactose free formula such as soy based ones to see if the condition improves.
Remember to take care for the delicate skin of the baby by washing the butt and anus around with warm water. If they are still using diapers, you should change the diapers frequently and clean their butt gently. Always remember to pay attention to the stool texture and inform the doctor about any changes in the symptoms.

Millet Congee with Apple and Chinese yam
Effects: Strengthens the spleen and nourishes the stomach, alleviates diarrhea
Ingredients: Half an apple, half a fresh Chinese yam, 20g millet, 30g white rice
1. Peel and core apple, peel fresh Chinese yam and cut both into pieces.
2. Cook white rice and millet with 800ml of water on high heat until boiling, then cook on low heat until millet is in congee texture. Add in apple and Chinese yam and cook for additional 15 minutes. Add in water if it gets too thick.

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