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– 適量進食補氣血食物,如紅豆米水、黨參、黃芪、紅棗、紅豆、龍眼肉、雪耳等
– 適量進食溫補蔬果如南瓜、櫻桃、水蜜桃、芒果、薑等
– 飲食要均衡,身體才能吸收不同營養
– 盡量多休息,充足睡眠可補足陰血

– 生冷寒涼及油膩食物,影響脾胃運化及吸收功能
– 「久視傷血」不宜過長時間注視電話及電腦螢幕
– 過量運動及流汗反會傷血
– 過度思慮和憂慮增加脾胃負擔

材料:北芪 9克、麥冬 9克、祛核紅棗2-3枚
功效:益氣養血。舒緩面色偏白、 指甲容易折斷、無光澤、多汗等症狀。

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How does one achieve skin that’s white and rosy?
You usually see rosy yet white healthy complexion on children because they tend to eat and rest at regular times. Working adults tend to have high levels of stress without adequate rest. Some may suddenly decide to overwork their bodies with long hours of sweat inducing exercises such as hot yoga, biking and marathon. This creates excessive burden on blood and fluid and can lead to blood asthenia body constitution over time. Blood asthenia is not necessarily the same as anemia in Western medicine. Common symptoms include pale complexion and lip color, prone to dizziness, tightness in chest, needing to deep breath, hair loss, brittle nails, dry skin, irregular menstruation with low volume and pale red color (in more serious cases, onset of menopause)- these are all symptoms of blood asthenia. Start nourishing your qi and blood if you want rosy cheeks!
– Appropriately consume foods that replenish qi and blood, such as red bean rice water, radix codonopsis, radix astragali, red dates, red beans, longan, snow fungus
– Appropriately consume warm-natured vegetables and fruits such as pumpkin, cherries, peaches, mangoes, and ginger
– Have a balanced diet to give your body a variety of nutrition
– Try to rest more as adequate sleep can replenish yin and blood
– Cold/raw and oily foods that can affect the functions of the spleen and stomach
– Staring at phones and monitors for extended periods of time
– Over exercise and sweat
– Over think and be too anxious as that increases burden on the spleen and stomach

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