March 10, 2020




Is chocolate suitable for your significant other?
Many people will prepare gifts for the upcoming White Valentine’s Day, and chocolate is always a good gift for Valentine’s Day. But is chocolate suitable for everyone? Chocolate is made by roasting cocoa beans. It has a sweet and bitter taste, and it is warm and hot in nature. It has the effect of warming meridians and channels. It is more suitable for people with cold-related symptoms. Those with heat-related symptoms are prone to excessive fire in the body and irritability if they eat too much chocolate. As chocolate is usually added with milk and sugar, it is tonic and easy to cause phlegm and dampness. If you have an asthenic and weak spleen coupled with damp heat body condition, you better eat less chocolate. If your significant other is a person with eczema or skin disease, chocolate will aggravate the symptoms, so it is not suitable to send chocolates as gifts.
If you want to have chocolate healthily, you can choose sugar-free cocoa powder, brew a cup of rich chocolate hot drink. Especially during the menstruation, a cup of hot chocolate can give you a good mood. Also, cocoa contains flavonoids and anthocyanins, when appropriately consumed, it makes a good anti-oxidant and can improve skin quality. But be careful not to drink it if you have pimples during your period.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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