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– 室內光線要充足
– 電腦屏幕不宜太小,調節至適合的亮度
– 雙眼與屏幕保持足夠距離,桌上電腦約70厘米,平板電腦約40厘米
– 用眼每一小時休息10分鐘,雙眼望遠,多望綠色植物



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Virtual learning and eye care tips
Many classes are conducted online during the COVID-19 pandemic, and children have spent more time staring at screens. Parents may worry that this may deteriorate their children’s eyesight.

Using computers for online learning might cause the eyes to be tired easily. Chinese medicine theorized that the eyes are the windows of the liver, therefore liver is the source of energy for the eyes. As long as the liver is well-nourished with qi and blood, then eye diseases can be prevented. On the other hand, deficiencies in the liver and kidney might cause dim vision and farsightedness.

Parents can tackle this problem from three aspects. First, ensure the sitting posture of your children is correct. Second, massage the ‘Jing Ming’ acupoint to relieve tired eyes. Third, use an appropriate amount of chrysanthemum flower, common selfheal plant (‘Xia Gu Cao’), black sesame, cashew nut, black bean, and wolfberry to prepare food or soup, as these ingredients can replenish the liver and kidney.

Tips for computer usage:
– Ensure sufficient lighting
– The size of the computer’s monitor and its brightness should be appropriate
– Keep a distance between the monitor and the eyes; 70cm for desktops, 40cm for tablet PCs
– Take a 10-minute break every one hour, stare into the distance and look at the greenery around

Massage Jing Ming Point
Location: In the depression slightly above the inner canthus.
Method: Use your middle finger or index finger to gently apply pressure on skin in circular motion.

Pear and chrysanthemum tea
Effects: Clears the liver, improves vision, and relieves dry eyes, red eyes. Suitable for those with frequent late nights and those who frequently consume deep-fry and oily food.
Ingredients: 8-10 chrysanthemum, 1 pear (cut into dices)
Preparation: Rinse all the ingredients thoroughly, . Combine all ingredients with 800ml of water and cook for 20-30 minutes.

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