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– 運動前30分鐘飲用約100-150毫升水
– 如果進行戶外活動,運動前飲水尤其重要,有助預防中暑
– 冬天宜喝暖水幫助暖身

– 感到口渴要適量飲一兩口水
– 未有口渴感覺,亦建議每15-20分鐘飲50-100毫升清水
– 補水次數跟據運動時間長短、強度、環境等有所不同

– 切勿一時間狂灌大量水份,以免導致「中水毒」低血鈉的情況
– 運動後兩小時內,分數次飲用300-500毫水清水,讓身體逐漸吸收


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Hydration before, during and after sports
We are bound to lose fluid when we sweat during sports. Hence, we must rehydrate the body regularly. In fact, we should be drinking water even before we feel thirsty. It is important to drink enough water before, during, and after sports.

Drinking plain water is good enough, but we can opt for isotonic drinks for more intense and sweat-inducing sports such as marathon and basketball. Please be mindful that excessive consumption of isotonic drinks can cause fat to accumulate if we do not exercise enough to burn the calories. It is also good to drink rice water before and after sports to replenish our stamina.

Before sports:
– Drink 100-150ml of water 30 minutes before the session
– This is especially important for outdoor sports to prevent heatstroke
– Opt for warm water in the winter to keep the body warm

During sports
– Take a sip or two when you feel thirsty
– Try to drink 50-100ml of water every 15-20 minutes even when you are not thirsty
– Hydrate the body according to the duration and intensity of the sports as well as the environment

After sports
– Avoid gulping down a lot of water in one go, as it could cause water intoxication (when the amount of salt and other electrolytes in your body become too diluted)
– Drink 300-500ml of plain water in stages within the next two hours, so the body can gradually absorb the liquid

*The advice above is just for reference. Adjust consumption of water according to the weather, individual’s body condition, and the intensity of the sports.

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