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Choose healthy hotpot carefully
Hotpot lovers have a lot of choices when it comes to soup base, especially for the ladies who enjoy the different types of healthy hotpot that contain medicinal ingredients. They would add in all sorts of ingredients that can improve the radiance of the skin, such as red date, longan, wolfberry, Codonopsis root and fish maw.
Putting all the ingredients might create an impression that the said hotpot could improve the diners’ health, but from the perspective of Chinese Medicine, all these ingredients with medicinal properties would only be beneficial if they are prepared according to the body conditions of the diners.
Therefore, it is important to find out if the ingredients are suitable for our body conditions. Here are three different types of healthy hotpots for your reference:
Beauty-type: Add in ingredients that replenish the yin, such as fish maw, sea cucumber, black-boned chicken and snow fungus. For individuals with asthenic spleen and stomach or those who excessively eat this, it may lead to indigestion and the accumulation of dampness in the body. that would further aggravate individuals’ phlegm-dampness body condition if they eat to too regularly.
Nourish-type: Add in a large amount of angelica root, ginseng, Astragalus root, Codonopsis root, red date and longan, as these medicinal ingredients can nourish and replenish the qi and the blood. These are suitable for individuals with asthenic qi and blood, as well as those with a cold spleen and stomach. Common symptoms are dizziness and blurred vision, pale complexion, as well as cold limbs. Individuals with damp-heat body condition and late night owls who are yin-deficient might be ‘over-nourished’ and would have excessive heat in body if they consumed these ingredients.
Alcohol-type: Certain medicinal hotpots include alcohol in its cooking, like chicken hotpot with hua diao sauce, and ginger duck hotpot. An appropriate amount of alcohol can invigorate the blood and qi, but since it is warm in nature, individuals with a hot body condition should not consume excessively.
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