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The proper diet during menstruation
A big part of a woman’s life revolves around menstruation, and they are constantly troubled by health issues caused by menstruation disorders. Therefore, we need to learn to ‘co-exist’ with menstruation by regulating our bodies accordingly. Herbal tea that regulates the menstruation is often consumed before and after the period, but what types of food should we have during our period? Do take note of the four points below:

✔️ Light and mild meals
Try eating light and mild meals; also consume food that is rich in nutrient that can be easily digested. Being overly fussy about food or on a long-term diet might cause menstruation related disorders.

✔️ Warm and hot food
According to Chinese Medicine theories, ‘blood circulates when it is warm and stagnates when it is cold’. Eating raw and cold food will stagnate qi and blood, especially during period, causing blood clots and abdominal pain. It is good to consume food that are neutral or warm in nature.

✖️ Avoid eating over-nourishing food
During period, women will tend to feel weak and would want to have more chicken and medicinal soup to nourish the body. It is not advisable to do so, because soup with ingredients that promote the circulation of the qi and blood might increase the volume of menstrual blood or delay the menstruation.

✖️ Avoid invigorating the blood
Women with well-regulated qi and blood will have a more pleasant experience during menstruation, but should avoid eating food that will promote the circulation of the qi and blood during period.(To be cont in comment column)

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