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CheckCheckCin:Weekend Brunch的確很流行,Brunch是指早餐和午餐的結合,通常由上午11時開始進食,多數以西式餐點為主,有些更會以半自助餐形式進行,能否省錢我不知道,但肯定對減肥沒有幫助。根據中醫典籍《黃帝內經》的「子午流注圖」,早上7時至9時是胃經當值時間,氣血流注於胃經,消化及代謝能力最強,最適合吃早餐。如果把早餐時間推遲,由於很飢餓而大量進食,結果會增加腸胃負擔。建議還是早起床先吃點溫熱早餐,例如粥、通粉、少醬腸粉等,喚醒脾胃,到吃Brunch的時候就不怕吃過量了。

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Do not fall for the ‘brunch’ trap while dieting
“I have been trying to lose weight recently, and since my friends asked me out for brunch, I’m able to combine breakfast and lunch into one. In this case, I can save some money, and avoid putting on weight, right?”

CheckCheckCin: Weekend brunch is indeed popular. It normally begins at 11am, and often involves western food, some in semi-buffet style. We cannot tell if it is going to help you save money, but it is certainly not going to be beneficial for your diet plan.

According to the ‘midnight-noon and ebb-flow doctrine (‘zi wu liu zhu’) in the Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor (‘huang di nei jing’), 7am – 9am is the time when the stomach meridian is active, where qi and blood circulate to aid digestion. Hence, it is the best time to have breakfast. If breakfast is delayed, there is high chance we might consume more than we need due to hunger, thus adding burden to the stomach.

It is advisable to have some warm breakfast in the morning, for instance, porridge, macaroni, and steamed rolls with mild sauce, to warm the stomach. This will also prevent you from eating excessively during brunch.

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