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芒果性熱,具健脾益胃,止嘔止暈、解渴生津及利尿功效,對於體質偏寒涼和手腳易冰冷的的人甚為有益。由於具有溫補滋潤的特性,本身屬濕熱體質的人不宜多吃,否則會容易上火, 注意糖尿病患者不宜食用。

Nature of Summer Seasonal Fruits
Its already quite hot even though it’s only may, so it’s great time for some summer seasonal fruits! From Chinese medicine perspective, every fruit has its nature which is either cold, hot or mild. Different fruits would also have their own healing effects so it is important to choose based on body constitution.

Cold in nature
Inside that thick shells, there’s a sweet and pretty glass-like meat. Mangosteen is cold in nature, can clear heat, promote fluid production and relieve thirst, relieve phlegm and cough. Note it is not suitable for ladies to have during menstruation.

Mild in nature
Does pineapple cause skin allergy since its damp heat? From Chinese medicine perspective, pineapple is actually mild in nature, it can relieve summer heat and thirst and also aid digestion and relieve diarrhea. Pineapple actually is very suitable to have during the summer. Once you’ve enjoyed some outdoor fun in the heat, try to have a slice of ice pineapple occasionally! Pineapple contains a lot of bromelain and some people may be allergic leading to itchy skin or diarrhea, and that’s why some mistake this for damp heat. You can try to soak pineapple inn salt water first to reduce chance of allergic reaction.

Hot in nature
Mango is hot in nature, can strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, relieve nausea and vomiting, promote fluid production to relieve thirst, and promote diuresis. For those with cold-natured bodies or prone to cold limbs, it is especially beneficial. Due to its gentle tonic and nourishing healing nature, those with damp heat body constitution should not have too much as it will increase fire in the body. Note that diabetic people should not have mangoes.

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