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How to have a good breast milk supply?
Breast milk supply is usually one of the top concerns for now moms. Chinese medicine believes breast milk production originates from qi and blood so it is important to ensure you have sufficient of both. Do not commit the below three mistakes!

Not drinking enough water
When you don’t drink enough, it will affect breast milk production. During the confinement, you should have fried rice water to strengthen the spleen and warm the stomach. If you experience sore throat, constipation or canker sores, then have rice water that has not been fried to continue to strengthen the spleen. Remember to have enough soup as well to ensure sufficient fluid intake.

Have tonic meals
Delivery of a baby uses a lot of qi and blood, most body become asthenic. You have to make meals based on the body constitution and if every meal includes bone soup, chicken essence or fish maw etc, you may increase chance of breast duct clog as the milk may thicken.

Not resting enough
New moms need to feed every 2-3 hours. The sleep deprivation coupled with adjustment to caring for newborn and taking care of the home can lead be too stressful which can affect milk supply as well. Your mood can affect your milk supply and it becomes a vicious cycle. New moms need to sleep enough and not stress too much to ensure a good milk supply.

If you have ruled out the above three causes and still experience supply issues, then it may be due to asthenic qi and blood. Try adding Chinese red dates or radix astragali to your rice water. You can also try massaing your lower back.

Lower back massage
Location: rub your hands together until thrh are warm. Place your palms to the sides of your vertebrae at your lower back and rub to and back to your vertebrae. Stop when your lower back feels warm.
Effects: promote qi and blood circulation, strengthen your lower back and nourish the kidneys.

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