March 19, 2021




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Office workers rely on beverages to keep themselves energized
What is good for them?

Spring fatigue causes us to feel drowsy, particularly individuals with the phlegm-dampness/heat-dampness body constitutions. It also affects those who are deficient of the yang energy. Yet, as office workers, we still have to go to work.

So how can we boost our energy? I believe many of us will think of tasty but ‘sinful’ beverages, such as cheese milk cap tea, bubble milk tea, coffee, and milk tea. These drinks may not actually keep you energized!

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, milk tea and coffee are thick and sticky. Excessive sweetness in these drinks can increase the burden of the spleen and stomach, hence causing the accumulation of the phlegm and dampness in the body.

While energy drinks can boost our energy within a short period, they basically extract the energy that is left in the body to make up the quota. Since these drinks contain many additives, it is best not to consume excessively.

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