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你喜歡吃莓果嗎?不少人對莓果 (Berries) 的第一印象是不易保存、容易腐爛,然而它們都營養豐富,每種莓果都帶著鮮艷顏色,這些天然植物色素例如花青素就是很好的抗氧化劑,能增加肌膚的耐受度及抵抗力,減慢衰老速度。莓果各有不同功效,哪一隻莓果最適合你?屬性平和的莓果例如紅莓、紅桑子、黑莓,一般人都可以食用;身體偏寒人士適合食用屬性溫熱的楊梅;而身體偏熱人士適合食用屬性寒涼的莓果,例如士多啤梨、藍莓、桑椹。

士多啤梨(Strawberry) — 性涼,味甘酸,有消暑清熱、生津止渴功效,能紓緩喉嚨乾、喉嚨痛或身體偏熱症狀。惟脾胃虛寒、容易胃痛、腹瀉者不宜多吃 。

紅莓(Cranberry) — 又名蔓越莓,性平,味甘酸,有利尿止瀉的功效,有助防止泌尿感染。

紅桑子 (Raspberry) — 又名覆盆子,性平,味甘酸,味甘有補肝腎、縮小便、固精的功效,適合腎虛、小便頻繁、夜間多尿等人士食用。

藍莓(Blueberry) — 性涼,味甘酸,具滋補肝腎、明目功效,有助紓緩視力退化,含豐富花青素,有抗氧化功效。

楊梅(Chinese Bayberry) — 性溫,味甘酸,有生津止渴、健胃消食、止瀉痢的作用,適合消化不良、胃氣痛、胃腸脹滿、慢性腹瀉人士食用。

桑椹(Mulberry) — 性寒,味甘,具滋補肝腎、養血滋陰、明目黑髮、潤腸通便的作用,適合肝腎不足、頭髮早白、體虛便秘人士食用。含有豐富花青素,有抗氧化功效。注意脾虛腹瀉者忌食。

黑莓(Blackberry) — 中醫系統歸為覆盆子類,性平,味甘酸,有補肝腎、縮小便、固精的功效,適合腎虛、小便頻繁、夜間多尿、女子帶下病人士食用。

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The berry family can help maintain your youth
Do you like berries? The first impressions people have towards berries are, they are not easy to keep and rot easily. However, they are actually very nutritious. Different berries come in different colors, and all these natural pigments such as anthocyanin are good anti-oxidant agents, which can build the skin’s resistance towards harmful external environment and slow down the aging process.

Different berries carry different health properties, so which one suits you best? Berries that are mild in nature, such as cranberry, raspberry and blackberry are suitable for all. Individuals with a cold body condition can consume berries that are warm in nature, such as Chinese Bayberry. Individuals with a hot body condition can opt for strawberry, blueberry and mulberry, which are all cold in nature.

The berry skin is thin and juicy, this is why you should consume the fruit on the same day. If not, store them well in the refrigerator. Remove any rotten berries in the mix or else it would spread to the other berries. Prepare a sealed container, and place a paper towel beneath and above the berries to absorb excess water. You can keep it for about 3 days. If you freeze the berries in the freezer, you can keep them up to half a year or so.

Strawberry — cool in nature, has a sweet and sour taste; can clear heat, quench one’s thirst and encourage saliva production; it can relieve dry throat, sore throat or any heat-related symptoms. It is not suitable for individuals with a cold and weak spleen and stomach; those who regularly experience stomachache and diarrhea should avoid as well.

Cranberry — mild in nature, has a sweet and sour taste; promotes diuresis and inhibits diarrhea, can also help prevent urinary infection.

Raspberry — has a sweet and sour taste; the essence in the sweet taste can nourish the kidney and liver, reduce urination and strengthen the sperm; suitable for individuals who have a weak kidney and those with frequent and night urination problem.

Blueberry — cool in nature, has a sweet and sour taste, can nourish the liver and kidney; can brighten one’s vision, and slow down vision deterioration; contains rich anthocyanin which is anti-oxidant.

Chinese Bayberry — warm in nature, has a sweet and sour taste; can quench one’s thirst and induce saliva production, strengthen the stomach, aid digestion and relieve diarrhea; Suitable for individuals who experience indigestion and diarrhea, as well as those with a bloated stomach and intestines.

Mulberry — cold in nature, sweet in taste; can nourish the spleen, kidney and the blood, as well as replenish the yin; brightens one’s vision and darkens one’s hair, and can aid bowel movements. It is suitable for individuals with deficiency problems in the liver and kidney, those with gray hair, and a weak body that experiences regular constipation. It is rich in anthocyanin, which has the anti-oxidant properties. Individuals with a weak spleen and those who regularly experience diarrhea should avoid.

Blackberry — categorized as Rubus idaeus in Chinese Medicine; is mild in nature, has a sweet and sour taste; can nourish the liver and kidney, reduce urination and strengthen one’s sperms. It is suitable for individuals with a weak kidney, those with frequent and night urination problem, and women with vaginal discharge issues.

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