July 13, 2021




1. 坐在有高靠背的椅子上,將按摩球放在上背部與椅子之間,以背部慢慢滾動按摩球,如遇到痛點可持續按壓約1分鐘,其餘位置滾動約3分鐘。
2. 靠牆站立,雙膝向下微曲,將按摩球放在提肩胛肌,向後用力壓牆約1分鐘。左手踭提起然後放下,重覆約3-5次,換另一邊提肩胛肌重覆動作。


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DIY massage
Sometimes when we experience soreness on the neck or waist, we might want to have a massage to relieve the discomfort. The only thing that is stopping us is the price we have to pay for each session.

Have you tried giving yourself a massage? All you need is a massage ball. Even a tennis or golf ball can work as well. By rolling and pressing the ball against your body, you can relieve the tension on the muscles and improve the circulation of the blood in areas like your neck and your back in the most economical way. If pain persists, do consult medical experts.

To relieve pain in the neck and shoulders
Suitable for: individuals who regularly use the computer
1. Sit on a high-back chair and place the massage ball between the back and the chair. Start rolling the ball against the chair by moving the back of your body. Roll and press the ball against the area of discomfort for about 1 minute and complete the entire session in 3 minutes.
2. Lean against the wall and bend your knees. Place the massage ball on the levator scapula and press it against the wall for about 1 minute. Then, raise your left hand and put it down. Repeat the same steps 3-5 times. Repeat the same steps for the other side of your levator scapula.

Relieve the jogger’s heel (Plantar fasciitis)
Suitable for: individuals who stand or walk for a long time or those who enjoy jogging and hiking

Method: Lean against a wall or the side of a chair and place the massage ball beneath the arch of the foot. Curl the toes downward and exert pressure on the ball using the weight of the body. Roll the ball with the foot sole and massage the pain area for about 1 minute. Then roll the ball from the heel to the toes, and repeat the steps for about 2 minutes. Repeat the same steps for the other foot.

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