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?? 中醫推拿按摩

?? 推油

?? 指壓

?? 泰式按摩

?? 腳底按摩


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Different types of massages
A good massage can relieve fatigue, stress, and the tension in our muscles. There are so many types of massage services available in the market. Do you know the differences?

?? Traditional Chinese massage (‘tui na’)
Mainly for treatment purposes. After understanding the patients’ body constitution and health condition, Chinese medicine practitioners will then identify and massage the Meridian and acupoints on the body. They might also use acupuncture to relieve pain.

?? Oil massage
Massage using essential oils. The essential oils, which will give out fragrance, will then seep into the skin. During the session, clients will have to remove their clothes. The essential oils applied on the body will also moisten the skin.

?? The Shiatsu massage (‘zhi ya’)
Shiatsu massage therapists will massage the Meridian and acupoints of the body using their fingers. They will also press and rub to relieve muscle soreness on specific body parts. During the session, clients are fully clothed. Generally, the massage therapists do not need additional equipment to complete the session.

?? Thai massage
Inherited from ancient India, the techniques focus on the joints. Thai massage involves yoga-like big moves. During the session, clients have to put on a set of thin and soft clothes.

?? Reflexology (foot massage)
There are reflective zones on our foot soles that represent our internal organs. A foot massage can aid the circulation of blood and qi and relieve symptoms when the functions of the internal organs are disrupted.

Besides the treatment-based traditional Chinese massage, the other massages focus more on relieving stress, improving the circulation of qi and blood, and strengthening the muscles and tendons. They might not be the best options for those with more severe medical conditions. Patients who experience continuous musculoskeletal disorders should consult registered and licensed Chinese medicine practitioner or medical experts.

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