June 17, 2021



☐ 煩躁易怒
☐ 失眠
☐ 精神抑鬱
☐ 眩暈頭痛
☐ 脫髮
☐ 記憶力減退
☐ 體力下降
☐ 脂肪增加
☐ 夜尿多/尿頻
☐ 便秘
☐ 耳鳴
☐ 性慾減退
☐ 勃起功能障礙
☐ 潮熱盜汗


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Male menopause
According to the Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor (‘Huang Di Nei Jing’), men, starting from around the age of 56, may experience weakness of qi in the liver, elasticity loss in the tendons, male menopause, energy loss, and weakness in the kidney.

While the end of the menstrual cycles marks the beginning of a woman’s menopause, the declining function of the organs is the tell-tale sign of a male menopause. It is more often than not associated with the weakening of the qi in the kidneys. Some of the common symptoms are:

☐Gets frustrated easily
☐Constantly stressed
☐Hair loss
☐Memory loss
☐Decreased stamina
☐Increase in body fats
☐Nocturia/frequent urination
☐Loss of sexual desire
☐Erectile dysfunction

The weakening of qi in the liver and kidneys is the main cause of male menopause. Hence, consuming an appropriate amount of ingredients that can replenish the kidneys and liver can improve the condition. These ingredients include Chinese yam, walnut, chives, sea cucumber, lotus seed, black fungus, black beans, and black sesame. Exercising regularly, picking up healthy hobbies, and staying happy can help relieve the symptoms of a menopause.

✔Recommendation: Dusk rice water
Ingredients: Red Rice, White Rice, Black Sesame, Black Soya Bean
Effects: remedy to frequent late nights, improve hair quality and nourish kidneys, relieve sore lower back

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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