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Get rid of dust mites to relieve respiratory allergies

As we enter fall, aside from dry skin, the most irritating thing might be respiratory allergies. You may experience itch in your throat in the mornings and nights. In some cases, it may affect your sleep and interfere with your daily life.

Dust mite is a major allergen, as it is quite common indoors and cannot be seen. They reproduce in damp and warm environment and survive on skin shred from human or aninals. They love to hide amongst dust in carpet, stuffed toys, bedsheets or curtains. If you are always at home or in the office, there’s a lot of opportunities to come in contact with allergens causing coughs. If you find yourself sneezing, coughing, or symptoms that do not feel like a flu then it might be caused by allergy. Maintain good hygiene, change and wash your sheets often to reduce dust mites which will be beneficial for allergies.

Dust mites cannot survive when humidity is below 50% or when the temperature is higher than 55 degree Celsius. So be sure to wash your sheets between 50-60 degrees hot water or try this DIY pouch to remove dust mites.

DIY dust mites killer
Timing: sunny day
Ingredients: 1 large black plastic bag
Preparation: place your sheets into the plastic bag and seal it well. Place it under the sun for 1-2 hours. As the black bag will absorb heat, it will increase the temperature inside the bag killing the dust mites.

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